maternity [Karintha & Todd in Marin County]

Todd & Karintha live in the quiet, secluded paradise that is Lagunitas, California. I've known them for almost seven years now, and they have become two of my strongest and most supportive friends. They've cheered me on through countless changes and have opened their home to me more times than I'll ever be able to count. They helped me discover my love for Northern California and Fairfax Scoop, and for both things I am eternally grateful.

Their baby girl is due in just under a month. I can't wait to meet this lucky little chick.

love & celebration [DAN & TRACEY in PHILADELPHIA]

This past weekend, my best friend married the love of his life. I didn't take many pictures, but I did capture some tiny moments that will help me remember the weekend as I saw it.

just a few hours before the ceremony, my brother & I, half-eaten pizza in hand, ran into Dan in the elevator. he was hungry, and he was wearing his tux. my brother fashioned him a bath-towel-gown, and Dan wolfed down the pizza in our room. those few minutes, just Dan, my mom, my brother & me, stand out as my favorite part of the weekend.