maternity [Karintha & Todd in Marin County]

Todd & Karintha live in the quiet, secluded paradise that is Lagunitas, California. I've known them for almost seven years now, and they have become two of my strongest and most supportive friends. They've cheered me on through countless changes and have opened their home to me more times than I'll ever be able to count. They helped me discover my love for Northern California and Fairfax Scoop, and for both things I am eternally grateful.

Their baby girl is due in just under a month. I can't wait to meet this lucky little chick.

celebration [HUDSON's 1st]

We celebrated Hudson's 1st birthday with a New Orleans-style bash, complete with oysters, po'boys and beer from the Dixie Brewing Company.

Hudson may or may not have had yogurt instead. In time, little man, in time. 


With a little help from his parents, Hudson made a wish and indulged in a traditional King Cake. So tasty!