Marcia & Sarah // An Oakland Engagement Session Over Waffles


Marcia & Sarah reached out to me in early spring of last year. They were planning a trip from Singapore to California - first to San Francisco where Marcia would show Sarah the life she once lived as a student in SF, and then down to LA where they would start to plan their intimate weekday wedding, scheduled for March 1, 2018.

Legal marriage isn't an option, yet, for Marcia & Sarah back home in Singapore, so they wanted to be married somewhere where they could be celebrated and legally recognized. Choosing a city with a vibrant restaurant scene was their second priority (because a week of eating well is this TV chef & filmmaker duo's idea of heaven), and the reason they landed in Los Angeles for their destination wedding.

But they wanted to have an engagement session in Oakland, where Marcia had spent years exploring as a student and small business owner (she sold her own kaya, which she started making for herself in the throws of homesickness - she was missing her own food). We connected with Nora, the owner of Drip Line, one of my favorite cafes in Oakland, and they chowed down on sweet and savory breakfast waffles, all infused with Nora's own Singaporean flavors.

Afterwards, we went to Mountain View Cemetery at the top of Piedmont Ave, which secretly has one of my favorite views in the East Bay.


Tabitha & Gavin // A Palm Springs Engagement Session


Another day, another gorgeous, whimsical couple romping around the desert.

Gavin and Tabitha (and her gorgeous unicorn hair) were celebrating their first anniversary at The Parker Palm Springs on the very same weekend I was heading home from Jenn & Alex's Joshua Tree engagement session. We made a plan to meet for a drink a couple hours before sunset and steal away for some photos on the grounds at the Parker (mildly not allowed). 

Then we hopped in my car and I drove them out to my favorite spot in town - just a little off the beaten path - where we watched the sun set over a wind farm and they kicked dirt and made out until it started getting dark.

PS: Tabitha is the brilliant creative behind Winston & Main, an event design company in Los Angeles.