In the week before Laura & Matt's beautiful wedding in Puerto Vallarta, my dude and I spent some time in the tiny town of Sayulita, Mexico. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, I don't often bring my camera with me when I'm out adventuring. Knowing I would want pictures of our trip, but also want to leave my tote bag on the beach while we went for a surf, I brought a Kodak disposable camera and called it a day. 

I'll spare you my waxing poetic about how thrilling I found shooting film - knowing I would likely forget the details of the scenes I was capturing, knowing I would later "unwrap" them and remember again when they were developed. How freeing it felt to not know how or even if a shot turned out - no need to try again, to strive for a perfect image.

And I'll spare you my gushing about how much I love these photos - in all of their grain and imperfection. But I do. I love these photos.

World Cup: Belgium vs. USA.