travel [100 DAYS OF WATER]

Seventy days ago today, I began a series on instagram, #100daysofwater (follow me @melissaleighe). I have lived a block from the ocean since December 2011, but spent much of this year so wrapped up in work and stress. I found every excuse to avoid treating myself to a walk on the beach, let alone to go for a surf. I know deeply that my soul is made up of about 96% ocean & sea, so that time playing in my backyard would have been such a healing gift. 

Seventy days ago, I challenged myself to head out every day. Originally, I surfed or swam each day, but soon cut myself some slack with that and just made sure to get there.

It's been a mix of all three - surfing, swimming, and taking it in - in the seventy days since.

With thirty days left in #100daysofwater, I challenge you to join me. Find something that speaks to your soul and find a way to honor it every day for the next thirty days. Whether it's something you can do (touch your toes, meditate), somewhere you can go (the beach, the river, the park) or someone you can call, make the date.

If you're on instagram and so inclined, share it with me by including #100daysofwater in your post.