I met SolYoga & Wildsoul founder Ben Crosky when we were 23 and trying hard to figure out what we should be doing with our lives. We parked the car in Little Ethiopia and as we were rounding the corner from Whitworth onto Fairfax, just as it was getting dark, Ben told me about this kind of crazy dream he had of starting a yoga and adventure travel company. Some day.

Since then, Ben has moved from Boston to Oakland and realized his dream - with SolYoga he's led his groups to Morocco, Iceland, Nicaragua, Argentina & more. He also started Wildsoul, which focuses on building and sustaining community in the Bay Area via thoughtful food and weekend or day-long yoga retreats. 

I was thrilled to join Ben for his most recent Wildsoul event at Campovida, a beautiful little winery in Mendocino County. 

These last six years have been good to the both of us. 

Wildsoul at Campovida. Food by Pranaful. Yoga with Kimber Simpkins. Letterpress work by Parallel Print Shop.