Libby & David // A San Francisco City Hall Elopement


I spent the morning with Libby, David and their family. With a baby on the way, Libby and David chose to marry quietly at San Francisco City Hall, and then headed off to lunch.

One of the most beautiful and challenging things about this work is how quickly my clients and I have to warm to each other. Making space for an almost-stranger (with a couple of cameras) on your wedding day isn't the easiest thing in the world to do - it requires opting in to the notion that what you'll have to show for it will be worth the immediate trust you place in my hands and the faith you have in my presence. 

I am especially grateful for the clients who do this even their wedding guest list is tiny. I work hard to read their energy, to make sure that everything I'm doing is in service to not only the photos we're making, but the way the experience their day. 

A fun aside - David took Libby's last name. While the opposite is almost always assumed (less and less these days, but still), when David told the clerks he'd be changing his last name to hers, the whole office all but swooned.


Jayna & David // A San Francisco City Hall Elopement


Jayna & David flew in from Denver to elope at San Francisco City Hall with two of their favorite friends. David had lived here long ago, and the weight and romance of City Hall drew them back to the Bay Area to begin their marriage.

Mild introverts, and big fans of snacks, Jayna & David packed champagne and sweets for a post-ceremony picnic. We drove into Golden Gate Park and they laid out their spread in front of the Conservatory of Flowers. Jayna kicked off her shoes as David popped open their champagne and they toasted to the next phase in their lives. I gave them a bit of space to enjoy this quiet time together, and Jayna gave David a book of poems she had secretly been writing in the lead up to their wedding day. 

As we were getting ready to leave the Conservatory grounds, we spied two food trucks getting their grills going. With her sweet, sweet smile (and the help of her wedding dress), Jayna convinced the taco truck to serve them early, and they devoured marriage tacos in the golden light of the setting sun. 


Lauren & Eric at San Francisco City Hall | Wedding Reception at Cliff House


Lauren at Eric met years ago working together at Best Buy in San Francisco. Now living in Southern California, they knew they wanted to start their marriage in the same city that brought them there. They also knew that they wanted to plan something quiet and low key, focusing on bringing their families and closest friends together for a small ceremony in San Francisco's most beautiful building - San Francisco City Hall - and a lovely lunch on the most iconic beach in the city. 

After their ceremony and some portraits around City Hall, the three of us ventured off to the apartment where Eric lived when they first started dating for a quick and dirty (well, rainy and windy) portrait, and then we met their people at Cliff House in Lands End.