I'm missing Kigali, big time. Yesterday, Alissa & I had a long meeting over skype, going over some final notes as we get ready to launch the site. I can't wait to share the project with you guys, and give you a taste of what Heaven is.


Remember that summer solstice party? That night, I met Julie and Connor, two particularly warm and welcoming expats who work together at Gardens for Health International.

Julie co-founded the organization in 2007 in an effort to provide lasting agricultural solutions to chronic malnutrition. GHI partners with health centers to identify critical families, and offers education, training and seedlings to improve agricultural capacity as well as health knowledge of mothers. 

I've been hearing about how beautiful their farm is since arriving in Kigali, and was so happy to finally get up there this morning. The visit started with community lunch - the entire staff (as well as some of their adorable children) gather around the long table to enjoy their meal together.

Julie gave me an extensive tour of the property, explaining GHI's work along the way. I was really struck by how committed GHI is to finding realistic, adaptable solutions to such major problems. They're constantly experimenting, working to gain further understanding of the land and the families they serve.