Jess & Amy in Limekiln State Park // A Big Sur Elopement


location: limekiln state park     officiant: lauren daCruz     bouquet: unscripted design   wedding rings: sea babe jewelry       amy's engagement ring: kmi designs     amy's: dressshoes     
jess's: jacket & pants, shirt, shoes

Amy left a message one Thursday morning - "hey, we're eloping in big sur. can you meet us there?" 

After an late night drive through a heavy storm, my partner and I woke up at Fernwood Resort in Big Sur to the sounds of the river raging. Happily, the sun began to shine.

We met Amy & Jess and their officiant, local Lauren DaCruz on the beach at the edge of Limekiln State Park. Together we headed into the forest, towards a spot along the river's edge that they had scouted the day before. With my partner as their witness, Amy & Jess married. It was quiet. It was profound.

Afterwards, we scurried along the trails of Limekiln, my partner and I taking photographs and Amy & Jess just enjoying their first few moments as wives. Did I get a raging case of poison oak from taking a shortcut to nail one particular shot? I did. Was it worth it? It was.