Jess & Amy in Limekiln State Park // A Big Sur Elopement


location: limekiln state park     officiant: lauren daCruz     bouquet: unscripted design   wedding rings: sea babe jewelry       amy's engagement ring: kmi designs     amy's: dressshoes     
jess's: jacket & pants, shirt, shoes

Amy left a message one Thursday morning - "hey, we're eloping in big sur. can you meet us there?" 

After an late night drive through a heavy storm, my partner and I woke up at Fernwood Resort in Big Sur to the sounds of the river raging. Happily, the sun began to shine.

We met Amy & Jess and their officiant, local Lauren DaCruz on the beach at the edge of Limekiln State Park. Together we headed into the forest, towards a spot along the river's edge that they had scouted the day before. With my partner as their witness, Amy & Jess married. It was quiet. It was profound.

Afterwards, we scurried along the trails of Limekiln, my partner and I taking photographs and Amy & Jess just enjoying their first few moments as wives. Did I get a raging case of poison oak from taking a shortcut to nail one particular shot? I did. Was it worth it? It was.


nathaniel, eight weeks // bay area family photographer


In early November, my dear sweet friends Michael & Phoebe gave birth to little Nathaniel. I got to meet him this month, and damn is he beautiful.

We spent most of the morning talking, Phoebe bouncing around the apartment trying to put him at ease. In our last few minutes of our visit, I brought my camera out and took a few shots. They are some of my favorite yet.