melissa ryan, in oakland & los angeles
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i believe we are put on this earth to experience love - platonic, familial, romantic. 

i have the height-to-wingspan ratio of an nba basketball player. 

i live in a sweet little apartment in oakland, california, with my favorite human (slash husband), Charlie. one day we'll get ourselves a dog.

i got hooked on photography when i was 22. i took a Polaroid in Chennai, India of my rickshaw driver Sami, and his girlfriend. she held the photo to her heart and asked if she could keep it. quickly, a swarm of children surrounded us - each shouting for their turn. 

their skin and smiles glowed against their brightly colored saris, shorts and tees. after them, a man asked to be photographed with his truck - his pride and joy. next, a business man in a navy suit adjusted his watch and held his briefcase at his side.

as the Polaroids developed, vivid colors bleeding into the frame, each person asked to keep theirs. i watched the business man take a long look at his new belonging, and i imagined him going home and sharing the photograph with his family. the thought made me grateful, and happy.

photo cred: betsy newman