I believe in starting your marriage around a long dinner table with good food and the people you love most.

I believe in wholehearted hospitality. 

I believe your wedding can live as an act of gratitude. 

I'm a California-based documentary wedding photographer, with a special place in my heart for restaurant weddings and dinner party-style celebrations. 

Here's my origin story: I grew up in New York and studied television & film at Syracuse University. I spent four years in entertainment before moving on to photography. I wanted to find and tell smaller, more personal stories. 

I gravitated towards wedding photography at a time when folks were beginning to flip industry expectations, and felt inspired by the idea that I could come in and document a wedding day with truth and empathy in mind. I keep that at the core of my work. I know that you value photographs of your friends and family as much as you value photographs of the two of you looking fine as hell. Happy as hell. Loved as hell.

So that's what got me started. Today I'm over 100 weddings in, and only falling more and more in love. I feel so lucky to be welcomed in to your innermost world; trusted to tell the story of your sweet, sacred moments, your meaningful meals, and your wildest dance moves.  

I love and support the LGBTQ+ community. 

When I'm not photographing weddings? I'm exploring the Bay Area food world - from restaurants to value chains, taking walks in my new neighborhood (the gardens are on point) and dreaming of the day when my husband and I are both home enough to rescue a nice dog.  


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